American Socialite Party

"Giving socialism a nicer name since 1992"



What We Believe



We believe that all politics are social and all parties are political.


We are the official party of the "politically polite".

We practice good manners, cherish civility and savor the freedom to wink and to nod.

Our banner, golden-wreathed white gloves a-flutter on a field of pinko-pink, is an apt symbol of the purity of the liberal principles with which we are associated, like better angels and everybody's right to pursue happiness.


We are not angry, nor afraid, and never,  ever rude. We are respectful.  We are respectable! We are the Socialites! And in the end... We win.



It is a name we give to political change. It is the corrective to a society that has fallen out of balance. It happens in America every other generation, and it always comes down to the Socialites.


All politics is local. Pay attention. Get involved. RUN for something! If you can't run. SUPPORT! If you can't support, ADVOCATE!


Above all, cast a well-informed VOTE!

Ayn Rand, Anti-Socialite.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Socialite.

© 2016 Rea Baldridge, Founder and Director of this very tiny, but well-meaning organization.